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Cloud Orchestration

Containers are proving to be transformational for those who are ready to take advantage of such platforms. Make DevOps a reality in your organization by adopting containers. We bridge the gap between your on-premise and cloud infrastructure.



Discover infrastructure freedom on a platform that allows true portability between data centers and clouds.


Enhance security by utilizing purpose-built nodes and containers with reduced attack surface area.



Simplify operational concerns and acheive resource optimization by treating your compute resources as an application grid.


Achieve DevOps harmony by leveraging containers as the standard for application delivery and deployment.

Security Advisory

Pevnost’s consultants leverage industry expertise, familiarity with the leading information security tools, and proven methodologies to help you assess your information security/cyber defense and compliance posture. Focus areas include:


Network Protection

Leveraging best of breed Firewalls, Intrusion prevention & detection tools and Network access controls to improve network protection and minimizing potential intrusion events.

E-mail Protection

Implement central email management solutions to provide message protection from spam, phishing and malware.

Mobile Device Control

Leveraging mobile management tools to ensure mobile use policies, and remote management to prevent data loss.

Web Protection

Implement web protection tools and policies that ensure employee/user online security, and enhance productivity.

Data Loss Prevention

Implementing the latest heuristic analysis tools that prevent uploading of data matching specific signatures (Financial data, Medical histories etc).

End-point Protection

Leveraging best of breed anti-virus, malware detection and removal tools, and endpoint policy based management tools to improve endpoint protection and minimize unauthorized use.

Managed  Services

With each passing day, IT environments become more and more complex. The persistent rise in security threats, combined with limited internal security resources and the increase in regulatory compliance requirements, makes it essential for your organization to think strategically when prioritizing IT initiatives.

Pevnost has developed a deep managed services capability allowing us to manage your security infrastructure and services, in a cost effective manner, allowing you to focus on your core business competencies.


Training is an essential part of a mature security program. Pevnost offers a catalog of courses targeting critical areas of information security discipline.

Pevnost’s training program is a comprehensive solution for clients who are seeking best-of-breed, practical training to keep staff on the leading edge of information security. Our inclusive catalog of courses is provided by partnering with select industry leaders and is targeted to meet the needs of developers, security administrators and general users.
Our courses are comprised of a mix of computer-based (CBT) and instructor-led (ILT) training, and are complemented with custom-designed training when a turnkey solution is unavailable.

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about Pevnost’s training offerings.

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